"[JoJo} was getting fatter and not exercising because we didn't have a fenced in yard and my work schedule along with being a single full time parent only allowed me to walk him twice a day. However after a week of being on your plan, he began to lose weight and gain more energy. He just seems to be more happy overall."

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"Marley was ill and not eating. I decided to try the dinners your dogs were eating to give Marley some more nutritious meals. She has started eating again and it has helped give her her strength back."

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"Nash was an active puppy that couldn't gain weight because he wouldn't eat commercial food. I tried your food on him and he started to eat more and gained weight."

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Our Story:
Karma and Julep

"Karma and Julep came to us as puppies off the street. They had a hard time on commercial food and were plagued with vomiting and diarrhea. We started cooking these meals for them and they gained weight and their intestinal issues resolved. They have been on this diet for five years now."